Project Update: Mountain Mist Sweater and Cranberry Snowflake Scarf

I’m almost done with the body of my Mountain Mist Sweater!  I actually think I may finish it in the next day or two, if I really hustle.  I would probably already be done with the whole thing, but I had to split my attention between all my holiday gift knitting, so now that those are all done I’m really flying!  I’m also helped by the fact that I’m petite, so although I like my sweaters to hit low on my hips, I don’t actually have to make the body as long as the pattern indicates.

I’m so thrilled with how it’s turning out, and it’s on track to fit like a dream.  Fit is always the part of sweater knitting that makes me nervous.  I’ve also decided to reverse repeat the mountain peak colorwork design on the sleeves, going backward from green to gray, just for some more visual interest, but if I end up having a lot of extra dark green/MC yarn left, I may just do plain sleeves.

I’ve also made tremendous progress on a scarf for my friend Michaela.  About a month ago, she asked me to make her some kind of knitted accessory (for pay!), and I decided to go for a scarf since I usually knit so many hats and mittens.  I chose a really pretty cranberry shade of Álafosslopi from Ístex and the Purl Soho Snowflake Scarf pattern.  Her favorite colors to wear are forest greens and maroons, so I thought this shade would be perfect.

This scarf pattern with the bulky weight yarn works up incredibly quickly!  Each four-row repeat adds about an inch and a half in length, which is good because it’s super long – almost six feet!  I’m more than three-quarters done, and plan to have it all finished up before Christmas.  She’s coming up to New York to visit around the new year, so I’ll give it to her then.

What have you all been working on?  Small things like socks, or big like sweaters and blankets?  I’ve been thinking of starting a Beekeeper’s Quilt, have any of you done one before?


Author: Katherine

Knitter, geologist, TV enthusiast

6 thoughts on “Project Update: Mountain Mist Sweater and Cranberry Snowflake Scarf”

  1. Beautiful work. The sweater is gorgeous. I’m also working on a sweater but in the cranberry color. Very open work and on worsted so it also went fast which is good since I didn’t like the pattern. My daughter in law chose it. I only have the hated crochet hem to finish. I hate crochet, it hurts my hands and just looks iffy. Now that I’m nearly done I see it could have been a garter stitch hem just as easily. Please post a shot of the whole sweater when don’t it’s simply lovely.


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