Pie for Breakfast

I hope everyone (at least all the Americans) had an alright Thanksgiving.  It seems that it’s impossible to avoid politics talk at family gatherings nowadays so I at least hope it wasn’t too bad, and there were more laughs than arguments!

I always like hearing about what foods people make.  Obviously there’s some common favorites like turkey and cranberry sauce, but I’ve heard of some pretty fun recipes that people make.  I’m not exactly some great chef, but I am a pretty good baker and every year I make the pumpkin pie.

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I found the recipe that I use in the New York Times, and it’s available on their website.  It’s called the Garam Masala Pumpkin Tart, and it’s based on a dish that Marcus Samuelsson made for an Obama state dinner.  Basically, it’s a pretty standard pumpkin pie but instead of the traditional spices, uses garam masala!  I also use 1/3-1/2 the sweetener recommended (the recipe uses sugar, I use baking Stevia, and only about 2/3 the equivalent amount) and omit the maple syrup just because I think when it’s too sweet the spices are drowned out.  This year, I also only used two eggs per pie by accident, since I looked at the back of the pumpkin can for reference not thinking that it might be different, but it ended up being one of the best versions of the pie I’ve made!  I think it’s also worth taking the time to make some homemade whipped cream for on top!

I actually made two, one for family Thanksgiving on Thursday and one for a Friendsgiving with friends from college on Friday.  I made them both Wednesday night, kept them in the cool garage, and they tasted great all the way through Friday.  We even ate the leftovers for breakfast on Saturday morning!

I’ll get back to regularly scheduled knitting blogging soon now that things have settled down a little, but do you guys have any recipes you make every year?  Even if not for Thanksgiving but another winter holiday, I always like trying new things!


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3 thoughts on “Pie for Breakfast”

  1. What a great recipe! graham Marsala is my favorite spice, I keep several versions of it and alway include in stews now. I started using it in a taking with lamb, carrots, onion and plums for a traditional Moroccan Tajine Dish. My family requests it frequently now. It makes the house smell amazing.


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