Project Update: January Mittens

Today I knit one of the January Mittens, which I’m hoping to give to my mom for Christmas!  I was afraid I wouldn’t get them done in time but I finished one mitten in just about two days, so I’ll definitely get them done, especially if I take them on the plane with me on Monday!


(Sorry for the weird lighting, I’m taking these pictures at about 1AM on my bedsheets, plus it still desperately needs its twin to be knit and then to be blocked!)

This is a very pretty pattern, very simple in shape but graphic in the colorwork.  My only criticism is that it is a very narrow mitten, even after sizing up the needles.  It mentions this on the pattern page as well, so I would definitely keep this in mind and think about sizing up at least one full needle size.  Otherwise, I’m very happy with them!  They look very sophisticated for my mom, who usually wears just black and white and always looks very minimalistic-chic.


Author: Katherine

Knitter, geologist, TV enthusiast

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