Stressed and Tired (Plus Some Gift Knitting)


To be quite honest, I haven’t been sleeping very well lately at all.  Over the past three or four weeks, I’ve only averaged three to five hours of sleep a night, and last night I didn’t fall asleep at all.  Yeah, I’ve been up for about 30 hours, which I hate to do.  I just lay there in the dark for eight hours last night trying to fall asleep!  Even now at my desk, I’m tired but somehow still not sleepy.

I’m pretty certain it’s stress that’s been causing this problem for me.  I haven’t really changed my schedule or caffeine intake (and I’m not sensitive to caffeine anyway), but I’ve been under a lot of stress.  I had hoped that after the spring semester ended I’d be able to relax!  Maybe I’ve been so stressed out for so long that my body is still operating as if I had a lot to do, even though I don’t.

No matter the cause, lost sleep has been having a big impact on my mood and productiveness.  I’ve noticed that I’m more depressed and irritable than usual and that I become anxious more easily even about small things, while at work I’m much more easily distracted and less quick-thinking than I’d like to be.

As far as knitting, I finished a quick test knit of the Spring Stream Socks for Life Is Cozy!  The pattern isn’t up on Ravelry yet but I’m already a big fan.  I’d consider it a unisex pattern and I think I’ll make a neutral-colored pair for my dad!  The straight vertical slip-stitch lines within the pattern give it enough visual strength for a men’s sock, in my opinion (although any sock can be a men’s sock if a man wears it!).

Besides the socks, I’ve mostly been working on a mindless scarf for my mom’s birthday in a month!  I’m working with a dark blue laceweight yarn (KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Edgar) on size US 9 needles, just doing stockinette stitch.  It’s creating a really nice, open summer fabric, while the 100% alpaca fiber in the yarn gives it just a hint of warmth.

I’m hoping that this weekend I’ll be able to get some sleep and just have some fun. I’m going in to Manhattan on Friday for my fifth American Ballet Theater performance of the season, to see the brand-new Whipped Cream!  It should be a really fun night for me.  I got a series of six tickets for my birthday since I’ve been a huge dance fan my entire life (ballet and modern dance, primarily). Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be present at Diana Vishneva’s farewell final performance with the ABT, which was one of the most special dance performances I’ve even been to.  I saw her six years ago in 2011 performing as Anna Karenina with the Mariinsky Ballet, funnily enough performing at the Metropolitan Opera House, which is the ABT’s “home base” theater for their annual spring/summer season.  Up until last Friday, she was a principal dancer with both companies, and in my opinion is one of the best living ballet dancers in the world.

What are you guys doing this weekend?  Is anyone going on a trip or vacation for the Fourth of July?  And how do you all deal with stress, especially when you can’t seem to find a real cause for it?

*(Oh, can you tell I just figured out how to embed Instagram photos in my posts?  This will save me so much time since 90% of the time the photos I put in my posts are from my Instagram to begin with!)

Author: Katherine

Knitter, geologist, TV enthusiast

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