Midterm Madness (but I still make time to knit!)

This week, I’ve been studying, knitting, sleeping, studying, knitting, sleeping…  I think you get the idea!  I’m about halfway through the semester already (it is totally wild that we’re at midterms), and I feel like I’ve been spending all my time studying lately.

I’ve made good progress on my Laurel Cardigan and I’m almost done with the top right portion, so that’s almost a third of the way done!  I’m planning on taking some pictures of the gorgeous cables and moss stitch in the natural light tomorrow.

In other crafterly news, my school’s needlework club (of which I am the president!) is finally getting started for the semester!  Unlike huge clubs, we don’t have a permanent room and need to be assigned a new one every year.  We’ve been held up for a few months in trying to get a room assignment for the semester.  There’s a lot of new people in the student government and things have been moving slooooowly.  Sigh.  Well, late is better than never, I suppose.

Anyway, I’ve been making up some posters for the club and I cannot wait to start hanging them up all over campus.  I really think this is the year we get our club off the ground!  All over campus I meet crafters who had no idea we even existed.  Wish us luck!


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