… And I spoke too soon!

Yup, it’s back to 75 degrees and sunny here on Long Island!  I suppose my chilly weather dreams will have to stay that, just dreams, for a little while longer.  It’s so weird to be walking around in a tee shirt when the trees are turning yellow and red.


I didn’t work on my cardigan very much this weekend at all, but I did get past the first two cable repeats along the waistband, at which point I realized I’d messed up.  Whoops!

It turns out the cabling happens on row seven of the cable pattern, so it’s six rows of stockinette, the cable pattern, and then five rows of stockinette.  I misread the pattern so I did twelve rows of stockinette then the cable pattern for the first repeat.  For the rest of them, to make the repeats right, I’ll be doing eleven rows of stockinette and then the cable row.  The only bad part is I’ll have to remember to “mess up” again on the other side of the body, and that the cable pattern won’t meet in a perfectly pretty circle at the center back.  It’ll still be symmetrical and nice, just not the same as the sample knit.

Oh well!  I’m still super excited about the cardigan.


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