Thank Goodness It’s Fall

I hope everyone else is as excited as I am that it’s finally getting chillier!  All of my favorite clothes seem to be cool weather appropriate, plus knitting when it’s crisp out just feels right.  I always seem to get much more knitting done in the fall.

This past spring, I had a coupon to Michael’s craft store (no surprise there) and impulsively bought a sweater quantity of Lion’s Brand Heartland in Joshua Tree, despite the fact that the temperatures were swiftly rising and my stash was growing like an infection (again, no surprise).

I’ve been waiting since then for the perfect pattern for this yarn and I’ve finally found it in the Laurel cardigan!  This pattern came out with the latest issue of Knitty, which is an amazing online knitting magazine full of amazing patterns, if you’re not already familiar with it.  Here’s a link to the pattern.

What immediately drew me to this pattern was obviously the way it looks.  I love oversized, coat-style cardigans like this one, and I’m a huge fan of the nubbly texture from the moss stitch. I also like how the waistband is curved so that the hem is lower in the back than in the front.  I have a shorter torso so I hate it when sweaters go down too far in the front, but I still want coverage in the back.

Once I started reading through the pattern, I was really intrigued by the construction method.  To knit it, I had to cast on for the wrist of the sleeve and knit the sleeve back and forth.  Once I got to the shoulder, I cast on stitches for the front and back right top.  After I finish the right side, I’ll repeat going the opposite direction for the left side, and then everything is sewn together.  From there, stitches are picked up and knit from the waistband down to the bottom hem.


The only modification I’ve made so far is to the sleeve.  I cast on 41 stitches, which is the stitch count for the small size, but did an extra increase row so that I can do the body in the medium size.  I have a larger bust so I think this is the best way to have the cardigan fit in both the arms and the chest.

One other thing that I’m loving about this pattern is how quickly I’m powering through it.  I started it on Monday evening (it’s now Saturday) and I’m already through a full skein of yarn (out of about five and a half total, according to the yardage estimates in the pattern).  I’m a college student with little free time, so that’s pretty impressive to me.

Once I’ve gotten a bit further into the body portion, I’ll try to take some nicer photos!  At least in this one you can see the gorgeous color of the yarn and texture of the moss stitch.  I think this cardigan will look great with the outfit I have on right now, actually, which is a grape-purple shirt and jeans.

Have a great weekend, and happy knitting!


Author: Katherine

Knitter, geologist, TV enthusiast

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